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Bow Wow x DJ Mystykal Kut - Grown Up (2011)

Publié le 2014-03-27 18:00:00 Bow Wow x DJ Mystykal Kut - Grown Up (2011)
70 minutes of Bow Weezy mixed by DJ Mystykal Kut

DJ Mystykal Kut brings you more than 70 minutes of Bow Wow music, from back in the days when he was that little cute kid, to his 2011 music. Originals, remixes, freestyles... ///

1) Intro 2) "Like this" ft Johnta Austin & Dondria 3) "Ain't thinkin bout u" ft Chris Brown 4) "What's my name" 5) "What they call me" ft Ron Browz, JD & Nelly 6) "Teach me how to dougie" 7) "Roc the mic" ft JD 8) "To my mama" ft Amerie 9) "You can get it all" ft Johnta Austin 10) "Boyfriend for the night" 11) Million bucks freestyle 12) "Price of fame" 13) "Why they hatin on u" 14) "Go harder" 15) I'm goin in freestyle 16) "Young, rich, dangerous" 17) "Fresh azimiz" ft J-Kwon & JD 18) "Like you" ft Ciara 19) "She wanna fuck" 20) "Pole in my basement" 21) "Outta my system" ft T-Pain & Johnta Austin 22) "I'm goin outta my mind" 23) "Loyalty" ft Cory Gunz 24) 6'7 freestyle 25) Ain't i freestyle 26) "What i do" 27) Roger that freestyle 28) "In dis mofugga" 29) All the way turnt up freestyle 30) "He ain't gotta know" ft Omarion 31) "Every night" ft Layzie Bone 32) "Let me hold you down" remix ft Omarion 33) Wetter freestyle


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